Volumes (Of Vulnerability)

Volumes (of vulnerability) 
curated by SJ and Katharine Meynell


23 artists’ books contained in a battered tin 28 x 18 x 12.5cm high.  Artists include: Sophie Artemis, Caroline Bergvall, Penny Bernand & Stephen Williams, Stephen Bury, Helen Douglas, Cate Elwes, Joanna Hoffmann, Susan Johanknecht, Lilian Lijn, Lily Markiewicz, Katharine Meynell, Jim Mooney, Shariff Moossun/Alistair Skinner/Martin Ford/Ed Spencer, Hayley Newman, Colin Sackett, Gary Stevens, Ulrike Stoltz, David Thorne, Claire Van Vliet, Elaine Worth. London 2000, 160 copies


Volumes (of vulnerability)

Fold-out catalogue with essay by Clive Phillpot and contributions by SJ, KM, and Colin Sackett, part-funded by the Arts Council of England, printed by Michael Taylor at the Paupers Press, London 2000, 500 copies 
Volumes (of Vulnerability) touring: Standpoint Gallery, London; Buchgalerie Mergemeier, Germany; The Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax; Mills College, California; Muzeum Ksiazki Artystycznej Poland; Hull Time Based Arts; San Francisco Centre for the Book; Lopdell House Gallery, Aukland, N.Z.; The Nunnery, Bow Arts Trust